As Wascol, we play an important role in developing motor oils with the world's leading automotive manufacturers, in order for the automotive industry to comply with environmental norms that are getting harder and harder every day. As of 2022, we produce high performance motor oils suitable for all vehicles in mineral oil technology in Turkey.



Wascol Engine Oils, produced entirely with domestic capital, in Mineral Oil production facilities equipped with modern technology, protect the engines and components of thousands of vehicles in our country, and promise a safe drive to the drivers. 



Wascol Engine Oils, produced in one of Turkey's leading R&D Centers, with modern synthetic technology, offers solutions to most of the vehicle park in the world and in Turkey, with its product range and vehicle manufacturer (OEM) approvals. 



Drivers who want to experience more from their engine, in particular, also get longer service intervals and fuel savings with Wascol.



Wascol Engine Oils offer high-tech reliable solutions for all parts of vehicles. Especially in new generation vehicles, with its high quality base oils and additive technology, the best of all components from engine to differential, antifreeze and transmission. is friendly. 



Wascol - High Performance Motor Oil brand, all its strategy; It is based on its advanced technology, knowledge and seeing itself as a business partner of its customers and suppliers. With the portfolio we offer, the added value we create and our dynamic brand, we always aim for long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers by adopting the "win-win" philosophy in trade.



Wascol provides domestic production, the latest technology to its customers, thanks to its R&D Center, under the most favorable conditions, and ensures that the price paid is returned as maximum product performance, profit and savings.

Compliance with Standards



Our products are produced with dozens of tested and standardized formulas.

Wascol has many certifications valid in Turkey and around the world.

Wascol offers a guaranteed use with the approvals it has.

Customer comments 

I trusted the Wascol brand because of the certifications it has. In addition, I can say that the fact that it is domestic production is another important factor that provides savings for the end user, especially in this period when maintenance costs are increasing.

Wascol offers its customers a total of 488 products in 11 categories, 115 types and 23 different packaging types.

Production Footage

Wascol products are produced in state-of-the-art production facilities with quality management standards.

Wascol is an important part of the Turkish automotive and industrial business ecosystem with its unique packaging design, approved formulation and world-renowned production standards.